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Outage/Service Interruptions - Resolved - Network Services - Multiple Buildings

Resolved - 08/08/2017 01:53

Resolved Time:
08/08/2017 01:53
These services have been restored to full functionality. IT technicians will continue to monitor these services to ensure availability.
Technical Details:
No additional information is available at this time.

Original Outage - 08/07/2017 00:00

Outage Details:
Network technicians will be performing an emergency maintenance which could result in intermittent network connectivity to the listed buildings.

Allie P. Reynolds Stadium (Bldg. 72)
Agriculture (Bldg. 57)
Animal Sciences (Bldg. 49)
Boone Pickens Stadium (Bldg. 21)
Gallagher Iba Arena
Michael and Anne Greenwood Tennis Center (Bldg. 288)
Track Facility (Bldg. 289)
Softball Complex (Bldg. 76)
Athletic Ticket Office (Bldg. 287)
Wes Watkins Center for International Trade Development (Bldg. 70)
Robert M. Kerr Food & Agricultural Products Center (Bldg. 47)
4-H Youth Development (Bldg. 45)
Scott-Parker-Wentz Cafeteria (Bldg. 56)
Gundersen (Bldg. 6)
OSU Library Annex (Bldg. 790)
Northern Oklahoma College (Bldg. 281)
North Classroom (Bldg. 41)
Multimodal Transportation Terminal (Bldg. 284)
Noble Research Center (Bldg. 69)
Scott Hall (Bldg. 54)
Power Plant (Bldg. 37)
University Health Services (Bldg. 111)
University Assessment and Testing (Bldg. 135)
09/06/2017 05:10
People/Groups Affected:
Faculty Staff Students General Public
Campuses Affected:
Services Affected:
Network Services - Connectivity - Wired, Wireless, VoIP
Note: Wireless and/or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) will be affected only if the building normally has these services.
Estimated Resolved Time:
Close at: 8/8 1:30 AM
Technical Details:
No additional information is available at this time.
Additional Information:
No interruptions are expected during this downtime.
Announcement Contact Information: