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Criteria and Goals for General Education Courses

General education courses at Oklahoma State University provide students with general knowledge, skills, and attitudes conducive to lifelong learning in a complex society. Specifically, general education at Oklahoma State University is intended to:
  • Construct a broad foundation for the student's specialized course of study,
  • Develop the student's ability to read, observe, and listen with comprehension,
  • Enhance the student's skills in communicating effectively,
  • Expand the student's capacity for critical analysis and problem solving,
  • Assist the student in understanding and respecting diversity in people, beliefs, and societies, and
  • Develop the student's ability to appreciate and function in the human and natural environment.
Every general education course is aligned with one of four content areas: analytical and quantitative thought (A), humanities (H), social and behavioral sciences (S), and natural sciences (N). In addition, OSU students must participate in an international dimension course (I) and in natural sciences courses that include a lab component and have a scientific investigation (L) designation. Students must also complete a diversity (D) course beginning Fall 2008. A course is qualified to be part of the general education curriculum if it meets the needs of students in all disciplines without requiring extensive specialized skills and satisfies all the criteria for a specific general education area. The criteria for each general education area follow.

The writing requirement for H, S, D and I courses is defined as follows:

Lower division courses - outside of class writing assignments appropriate to the discipline that are graded with feedback on writing. Minimum of 5 pages of writing assignments during semester.

Upper division courses - outside of class writing assignments that give students the opportunity to incorporate feedback in subsequent writing assignments (by revising and resubmitting one assignment or submitting more than one assignment). Minimum of 10 pages of writing assignments during semester.

Faculty who teach "N" and "L" courses will describe writing assignments that are appropriate to the discipline.
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