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Oklahoma State University

IT Announcements LISTSERV Information

Why should I Subscribe?

Subscribe to the ITANNOUNCEMENTS list if you would like to receive details of all new announcements posted to the site via email.

How do I Subscribe?

To subscribe to the IT Announcements listserv, create a new email as described below:

  1. Address the email to ""
  2. Leave the Subject line blank
  3. In the Body, enter "subscribe ITANNOUNCEMENTS firstname lastname". For example, "subscribe ITANNOUNCEMENTS jane doe"
  4. No other text or attachments should be included in the body, including signature lines
  5. Send the email. You should receive a confirmation email when you have successfully subscribed to the list.

When will I receive email from the LISTSERV?

You will receive an email to the list every time an announcement has been approved or updated. All email from the list will be addressed from