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Oklahoma State University

OSU In-Bound Network Traffic Restrictions

A recent network assessment highlighted additional in-bound network traffic that needs to be restricted. On January 6th, Information Technology will block additional protocols and ports from the internet. OSUVPN users and outbound connections will not be impacted by these changes. Exception requests will be reviewed and approved if no alternative method is available.

To initiate the exception review, please submit an email to with -Inbound Network Traffic Exception- as the subject line. Information Technology will review the request and contact you for any additional information.

Protocols to be blocked:
Remote Administration - SSH, VMware Remote Console, Apple Remote Desktop, RADMIN, VNC, and PCAnywhere.
Database Ports - ORACLE, PostgreSQL, ELASTIC, and Memcached
DDOS Attacks - QOTD, Portmap, CLDAP, RIPv1, Kad (P2P), SSDP, Multicast DNS, and BitTorrent
File Sharing - FTP, Apple File Protocol, and NFS
Printing - CUPS/IPP
Miscellaneous - IRC, tftp, pop3, P2P, HTTP-ALT/WebServer, and DMAP/Apple
Campuses Affected:
  • OSU-Stillwater
  • Services Affected:
    Network Services - In-Bound Network Traffic
    Announcement Contact Information: