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Scheduled Downtime - Rescheduled: Change of IPs - Engineering South

Original Outage - 05/15/2018 07:00

Outage Details:
IT technicians are moving existing public IP addresses to private IP addresses in the Engineering South (Bldg. 0027).

This work is part of an ongoing campuswide project to increase the number of available public IP addresses. Another benefit is that the network will have increased security and speed.

Most employees will not notice any change after the private IP addresses are installed. Network downtime will be minimal.
05/25/2018 10:57
People/Groups Affected:
Students Faculty Staff
Campuses Affected:
Services Affected:
Network: Connectivity - Wired
Telecommunications: VoIP phones

Estimated Resolved Time:
05/15/2018 08:00
Technical Details:
If printers are not mapped by FQDN, they will need to be manually touched on all effected workstations, and also change any ACLs on the printer(s).
Additional Information:
Affected building: Engineering South (Bldg. 0027)

IP (Internet Protocol) addresses are simply the address of a computer or device on a network. Public IP addresses are those that can be publically recognized by other computers. Many private IP addresses can at attached to a single public IP address, but cannot be seen by the public.

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