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Outage/Service Interruptions - Resolved - Network Services - Multiple Buildings

Resolved - 08/30/2017 17:16

Resolved Time:
08/30/2017 17:16
The OSUSTUDENT network had run out of IPs that could be assigned; technicians have added more assignable IPs to restore service. IT personnel will continue to monitor the network to ensure its availability.

If you continue to experience problems please contact the IT Helpdesk
Phone: 405-744-HELP (4357)
Location: 113 Math Sciences - Stillwater campus
Technical Details:
No additional information is available at this time.

Original Outage - 08/30/2017 00:00

Outage Details:
The following buildings may experience intermittent wireless access to the OSUSTUDENT network:
Agriculture Hall (Bldg. #0057)
Scott Hall (Bldg. #0054)
North Classroom Building (Bldg. #0041)
Colvin (Bldg. #0092)
Equine Research Center
BCEL (Bldg. #0211)
McElroy hall (Bldg. #0039)
SPW Caf? (Bldg. #0056)
NRC (Bldg. #0069)
Multi Arts
USDA (Bldg. #0050)
Vet. Medicine
Life Sciences West (Bldg. #0053)
Life Sciences East (Bldg. #0028)
ATRC (Bldg. #0046)
Math Sciences (Bldg. #0089)
Edmon Low Library (Bldg. #0040)
Robert M Kerr FPC (Bldg. #0047)
MAE lab
Engineering North (Bldg. #0059)
Bartlett Center (Bldg. #0003)
Student Union (Bldg. #0035)
4th Ave Parking Garage (Bldg. #0270)
Business Building (Bldg. #0007)
Gunderson (Bldg. #0006)
Old Central (Bldg. #0001)
Paul Miller Journalism and Broadcasting (Bldg. #0012)
Morrill Hall (Bldg. #0004)
Animal Sciences (Bldg. #0049)
Technicians are aware of the outage and are working to restore services to the effected areas.
09/29/2017 06:30
People/Groups Affected:
Campuses Affected:
Services Affected:
Network Services - Connectivity - Wireless
Note: Wireless and/or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) will be affected only if the building normally has these services.
Estimated Resolved Time:
Update: 8/30 5:00pm
Technical Details:
No additional information is available at this time.
Additional Information:
No additional information is available at this time.
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