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Outage/Service Interruptions - Resolved - Network Svcs - OSU Stillwater Wireless

Resolved - 11/30/2018 04:35

Resolved Time:
11/30/2018 04:35
These services have been restored to full functionality. IT technicians will continue working with vendors to monitor these services to ensure availability.
Technical Details:
No additional information.

Original Outage - 11/30/2018 04:00

Outage Details:
Network technicians have discovered wireless connectivity issues due to a software bug on certain model of wireless equipment. Customers may experience issues connecting to the wireless network in some areas of the buildings listed in this outage. Network technicians will be preforming an emergency outage at 4AM on November 30th. Currently, network technicians are working with vendors on solving the software bug with this model of wireless equipment.
12/22/2018 06:51
People/Groups Affected:
faculty staff students general public
Campuses Affected:
Services Affected:
Network Services - Wireless Connectivity
Estimated Resolved Time:
11/30/2018 05:00
Technical Details:
No additional information at this time.
Additional Information:
Locations Affected:

4H Building 0045

Alumni 0005

Architecture 0009

Colvin 0092

Civil Engineering 0026

Advanced Technology Research Center 0046

Engineering South 0027

Robert M. Kerr Food & Ag Products Center 0047

Multi Arts


Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Research 0115

Multimodal Transportation Terminal 0284

Oklahoma Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory 0110

Old Central 0001

Public Information 0019

Facilities Management Administration 0113

Facilities Management Services 0079

Facilities Management North 0078

Venture One 0850

Whitehurst 0015

Willard 0031

Ag West Buildings:

Milk Parlor 659

Cohn Animal Shelter 320,

Plant Sciences 311,

Fractionation Research Center 215,

Small Grain research 616,

Wheat Lab 602,

Soybean Lab 609,

Weed Sciences 619,

Wheat Research 618,

Soil Fert 615, Agronomy Shop 613-1,

Peanut Lab 611,

Water Treatment Plant 670,

Forage Research 653,

Bio Energy Lab 658a,

BAE Lab 658,

Equestrian Barn,

Swine 635s,

Swine 635,

Farm Shop 682,

Entomology Storage 716,

Nursery Research 692,

ONGA Garden Studio 685,

OBGA Ed Center 685,

Turf Grass 693,

Plant Pathology 690,

Pinkston Ed Facility 683,

Willard Sparks Beef Cattle 684,

NP Lab 701,

Beef Cattle 702,

Feed Mill 707,

SPREC 709,

Poultry Barn 103,

Dairy Barn 663,

Equine Research Center 800

Scott Hall, 5th floor only
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